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The Refugio provides professional care services on a - 24 hour, 365 day a year – schedule. Therapists and technicians of varying specialties form part of a weekly schedule including evening, weekend and holiday rotations, to ensure quality care on a continual basis.

Therapy Team
3 Occupational Therapists
2 Physiotherapists
1 Speech Therapist

1 Medical Doctor
3 Psychologists
9 Childhood Educators
3 Social Workers

Upon entering the Refugio each child receives an individual assessment by the professional therapy team and program of care is design for them, depending on their specific needs. Therapists work with children in order to enhance and develop their sensor motor, cognitive, interaction and communication skills.

To achieve these development objectives different techniques are applied such as Neurodevelopment, Psicomotorcity, Sensorial Integration, Hydrotherapy, Baby Massage, Postural Alignment, Respiratory Kinesiotherapy and Activity Training, amongst others.

refugio portugal


Refugio’s psychotherapy program consists of 3 clinical psychologists who have the appropriate material for diagnosis and therapeutic interventions.

refugio portugal

The Objective

Refugio’s main purpose it to provide children a safe, structured, happy and healthy environment, while giving them tools to develop confidence and self esteem for the future.